It is a trend that proposes restorative techniques whose fundamental principle is to respect the healthy tissue as much as possible, without carrying out invasive treatments that endanger the integrity of the tooth.

The main objective of conservative/restorative dentistry is to treat dental caries by removing the diseased tissue and replacing it with an esthetic and resistant restorative material.

In our practice the materials used are "composite resins" or composites, known as "white fillings" and glass ionomer cements that remineralize and strengthen the tooth structure.

Our professionals use the most conservative adhesive techniques allowing a greater preservation of dental tissue, a work philosophy that we include within the concept of minimally invasive dentistry.

Smile without complexes!

Oral Rehabilitation aims to provide the damaged, fractured or lost tooth with adequate functionality. In other words, it is the speciality of Dentistry that is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of teeth. Its purpose is to re-establish oral functions such as soundproofing, mastication and aesthetics, thanks to the use of biocompatible materials and specific techniques. For example: direct restorations, inlays, prostheses, dental implants, veneers… In our dental clinic in Orihuela Costa we adapt according to the needs of your teeth!

When do I need an Oral Rehabilitation treatment?

In our Dental Clinic in Orihuela Costa we want you to feel confident and comfortable with your smile and, above all, healthy. That is why we have the best team to provide you with the best solutions according to your case.

Below, we tell you which are the situations in which you will need a rehabilitation treatment:


Bruxism and trauma are the main reasons why teeth wear out and become fractured. If these fractures are deep, they cannot be repaired with direct restorations: we are talking about fillings. Therefore, we must resort to Oral Rehabilitation in Orihuela Costa.


Whether due to trauma, caries or periodontitis, missing teeth are a focus of functional complications and aesthetic problems. Thanks to the different rehabilitative treatments such as removable or fixed prosthesis, or implants, it is possible to recover the original appearance of the smile.


If there are cavities in a very advanced state, reaching the dental pulp, the canals of the tooth must be disinfected to eliminate the bacteria that have caused it.

What Oral Rehabilitation treatments do we perform?

• Unit restoration: this is the most common type of restoration with implants. It is the perfect restoration when a dental piece is missing, whether due to periodontal disease or trauma.

• Multiple restoration: this type of restoration with implants seeks to replace several teeth in the oral cavity, making it necessary to insert several implants on the bone, which will establish the bases for the final prosthesis.

• Complete dental restoration: this is the ideal treatment to return the initial functionality and aesthetics to the smile and presents two options: in the first, a part of the prosthesis rests on the implants while the rest does the same on the gum. In the second possibility, the prosthesis is supported by several implants: “implant-supported”.

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