There are many types of orthodontics, it is important to know which one is the most suitable for each person’s needs.

Orthodontics in Orihuela

Orthodontics is the dental specialty dedicated to correcting structural problems of the oral cavity and poorly positioned teeth. With our orthodontic treatments in Orihuela, we will find the right way to transform your smile and improve both the functionality of the bite and your own self-confidence.

In our dental clinic in Orihuela we work with the most advanced systems to offer you the most aesthetic solution to your problem of malocclusion or positioning of your teeth.

Types of orthodontics

Depending on the needs of each patient, our dentist in Orihuela will advise you on the type of orthodontics that best suits your situation. For this reason, we have different types of “braces”.


Made up of three parts (arch, ligature and brackets), this technique helps to position the teeth properly, improve the bite and, consequently, the patient's quality of life.


They have an aesthetic component, as they are placed on the palatal and lingual side of the teeth, making them invisible.


Manufactured in various materials among which ceramics and sapphire stand out for their quality and resistance. With an appearance in white and transparent shades, they go totally unnoticed and are equally effective as the metallic ones.


Formed by self-ligating brackets, they provide more tooth movement for the patient and the duration of treatment is much shorter. They are especially notable for improving facial aesthetics and the smile.

Invisible orthodontics

This revolutionary system is composed of transparent and removable splints, and has become the main choice of our adult patients. Designed from a 3D computer program that marks the evolution of the whole treatment, it is necessary to renew them so that they change the position of the teeth weekly.

The splints are made from a completely translucent and very discreet material. You will not feel any discomfort and you will be able to extract them during meals, when brushing daily, or on the occasions you prefer.

Furthermore, the fact that you can carry out a complete hygiene of the oral cavity reduces the possibility of suffering from diseases such as caries or periodontitis.

Ask for a complete check-up of your oral condition at our Dental Clinic in Orihuela, and we will give you more information about all the orthodontic options we have available.