The loss of teeth causes different types of alterations that get worse the greater the number of pieces lost and the time it takes to replace them. The most important of these disorders are:

Digestive disorders, disorders of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), difficulties in pronouncing certain sounds, and aesthetic disorders. The replacement of these pieces is due to the fitting of a prosthesis. In addition, implants are used that fulfil the function of the natural root of the teeth, which help to place the prosthesis.

A complete dentition is restored.

Losing a tooth causes you damage that you do not deserve. It is time to complete that teething, and recover your smile and the functionality of your mouth.

What is a dental implant and how will it improve your life?

The human dentition functions as a whole, and when one piece is missing, the whole structure suffers. The pressure when biting is distributed unevenly and leads to the deterioration of the other teeth. Not to mention the unsightly effect of showing a gap in the teeth.

The dental implant is the technique that your dentist in Orihuela Costa applies to solve these problems in the most effective and lasting way possible.

It consists of implanting a small titanium screw into the bone of the missing tooth. A ceramic crown is then screwed onto this implant which perfectly imitates the shape and colour of the other teeth… and you have already recovered that smile you thought you had lost.


The previous study determines what type of implant you need and what the final result will look like.


In one or more sessions (depending on the number of implants) and under local anaesthetic so that you do not feel any pain, we place the titanium screws, which will need a few months to integrate completely into the bone.


While the definitive ceramic tooth arrives, we place a prosthesis or a temporary resin crown (in the case of immediately loaded implants) so that you do not have to wait with that unsightly gap.


After the correct osseointegration of the implant, we remove the temporary prosthesis and screw in the definitive tooth.

Recover the strength of your bite, chew correctly and without fear of the piece moving, and dazzle everyone again with your full smile.